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Can we go see it, Dan?”

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Stills from “108 Rois Démons" trailer. French mixed media feature film by Pascal Morelli (using actors’ bodies + animated CG faces).

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teenage gavin free puts up sexy images of women on his walls to prove to his parents that he is sexually attracted to them. but then. what does this mean.


i’ll tell you what it means. gavin free, confirmed frog fucker

  • I’m gonna do the Macarena in the background!
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parents: you need to go out more
parents: you need to exercise more
parents: YOU'RE GOING OUT FOR A WALK??? YOU?????
parents: why are you getting angry



Hi tumblr, for those of you who don’t particularly know me, I’m Lauren.I usually run a personal/one direction/5sos blog but this post is something completely different, and is something very, very important to me.

While i know that people hate these posts, me being one of them, I’m desperate. I’ve been very secretive about my personal life on tumblr, despite having been on here for several years, and i’ve made some actually really cool friends and i’m hoping they can all help me out with this. I’m also hoping that people don’t automatically jump to conclusions; saying that i want attention, i’m lying, etc. I would not be doing this if I thought i had any other options. 

About two years ago, my family(this includes my 14 year old brother, my 18 year old sister, my 25 year old brother, my mom, and my two dogs, and me) were kicked out of the home that we lived in for 13 years. My mother, as a single parent, was always very low on money while we were growing up, but she did her best. She made sure that we had cable and cell phones and video games like every other kid, but as i grew older i finally found out that my mother was drowning in debts. Whether it be being two months late on our cell phone bill, a month late on the cable, etc. my mother was always short on cash. And i know what you’re thinking, “doesn’t she have a job?”. Yes, she does. But she was in several car accidents that left her unable to perform the easiest tasks needed for a steady job(like sitting/standing for too long, lifting things, etc.) and the best jobs she could find was being a nanny for a couple amazing families. The money was good, and it helped, but it wasn’t enough for her to keep up with our rent. 

For a few years after my dad left, our landlord was very understanding, but soon he began to get annoyed that my mom couldn’t make our rent on time. They began to fight and in the end we were kicked out(not because of lack of payments) but because he truly disliked us; he terminated the lease we had on the house for so many years. I wondered for a while how it was legal for him just to kick us out the way he did, my mom said that he would have taken it to court, and either way we would have to leave. It was his house, his choice. There was nothing we could do about it.

Immediately after being forced to leave my sister and i went to stay with our uncle, while my oldest brother went to his girlfriends, and my mom and little brother went to my grandparents. Things were decent for a short while, this being because it was still fresh and we still had hope of getting a new house soon. But as months went by my sister and i ended up at my grandparents, as well. Living in a four bedroom home was my family of four, our two dogs, my grandparents, my aunt, and my cousin. It wasn’t working. My mother, brother, sister, and i were trying to live in one bedroom with one bed. It made me angry, and eventually both my sister and i began to stay with our boyfriends(their families were very understanding, which made life for my sister and i that much easier). 

After about six months of staying at my grandparents, my aunt and mother got into an awful fight which led us to be kicked out of my grandparents. The only place we had left to go was my brother’s girlfriend’s home, which is nothing more than a tiny, two bedroom studio apartment above the hair salon that she owned. Again, one bedroom, four people. Our belongings(limited to clothes, mostly. The rest of our things are in storage), stacked up the walls and in bins and bags. The things of ours are in storage, as i mentioned, and as of right now my mom is $600 behind in those payments. This means that they will auction our storage unit. Yes auction, as in whoever bids the most will then own all of my, and my families, things. We’ve already lost so much, i can’t bare the thought of all of my things being in the hands of strangers.

In addition to our financial struggles, my little brother has become severely depressed. He tried to commit suicide just a few short months ago, and then again just the day after he was released. He is only fourteen years old and he tried to take his life; the instability that our family has, that he has, isn’t something he can handle. He missed so much school from his anxiety and depression that at this point we don’t know if he will be able to start highschool in the fall. 

I’m not doing this for pity, and any of you that i have talked to or became friends with on here should be able to tell that i’m not one to talk about my personal life more than mentioning my boyfriend once or twice. I am not lying, i’m desperate. I have a shitty job and i’m doing my best to help my mom, i really fucking am, but I don’t know what else to do. They’re going to auction our things and we need a home, my family can’t keep doing this. It tore us apart. 

My family has no idea that i am doing this, if i can even manage to get a hundred dollars they’ll be so happy. But my goal is $5,000. I know it seems like a lot, and i know that people are probably wondering why my mom can’t just take out a bank loan and get us out of here; in her younger parenting years, she thought it was smart for her to stay away from credit cards. She thought carrying cash was safer. Unfortunately this leaves her with no credit, and essentially makes it impossible to get the type of loan that we need.

I’ve asked her how much she believes that we need to officially get ourselves out of this mess, and she told me $5,000(this includes catching up our storage unit, moving costs, and downpayments/rent for the new home, etc.)

I’m begging for your help, guys. Anything helps, a dollar, 25 cents, anything does. 

Please help me and my family.

Here is the link, anything helps…

any and all hate regarding this will be ignored, i am not lying and this is really hard for me and it’s very embarrassing to ask a bunch of strangers for help like this.  

Please guys, even if you can’t donate, signal boost. I’ve been in a similar situation (though not as bad) and it’s bloody horrible

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Red vs. Blue summary

Blues: government conspiracies, alien quests, prophecies, racial enslavement, and other crazy subplots
Reds: fuck shit up
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